Gmail Revamps Again [8 Features you should know]

gmail-logoWell Gmail has been undergoing a lot of changes, in terms of looks and other features that it offers through its Labs. We talked about Gmail previews, Priority Inbox and previous revamps. As with the case with Yahoo Mail undergoing a complete revamp in May, Gmail too this time has undergone a complete makeover falling in line with the aesthetic changes that Google has been undergoing over all its services.

Change to New Gmail Look

The aesthetic changes with Gmail have been a mixed reaction, while most people have welcomed it, there are a few who still love the old simplistic look.

The major feature changes that Gmail has undergone are:

  • Clean Look : The new look is Uber clean. No clutter and no fuss, the default colours are also in line with the look that Google search carries and is pleasant to eyes.

Gmail Clean Look

  • Adjustable Sidebar and Chat Window : The length of left sidebar is customizable by just drag and leave. Hover over the labels and they automatically expand. Also the three options of Mail, contacts and Tasks has been done away with as three separate links but have been clubbed as a dropdown on the top left. Also you can choose between showing gadgets or the Chat Window. Gmail Sidebar
  • Changed Toolbar : Gone are the days when all the toolbars in Gmail used to have text written. The new toolbar just has dark grey icons depicting the action they are supposed to do upon clicking.The toolbar differs for both the default inbox view and for a single mail

Gmail Toolbar

  • Density Control : Gmail has given you the option to change the density of the inbox. The three options, comfortable, cozy and compact let you have three options for the same. In our view the Comfortable view gives the best look, the others make the inbox feel a little congested. But yes they would go well on handheld devices and tablets. Gmail Density Control
  • Improved Search : The best part that they have done this time is to give multiple options while searching the mail. You can search specific folders , have filters over attachments, date and much more. And not to forget the option of ‘Create Filter with this search’ Gmail Search
  • Conversations : The mail conversations have been tweaked, the look and the feel is great as with the fact that the conversations previews are also better this time. The Gtalk Chat pic is displayed on each conversation if the sender is in your chat list or contacts. Also a liked feature is the truncation/ hiding of the long emails. Gmail Conversations
  • Themes : Gmail has done away with a few Themes but also has come up with HD themes. Well why HD themes ? I too am not sure about this, and in my own view I would like to keep my email theme as simple as possible.
  • Auto Adaptation on Window Resize : The new Gmail auto adapts itself in case the browser is resized, therefore minimizing the efforts needed to scroll the Page.

So how did you rate the new Gmail. Write it to us in the comments section below.

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  1. Nothing is better than Gmail

  2. Googlemail has got a new look these days, individually I really like the clear structure and simpleness of use, plus more management over the look of your e-mail.


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