Gmail Introduces Priority Inbox

logo2[1] Google has been at the helm of innovation since quite sometime now. It has done so many changes to Gmail in recent past. Continuing with the same tradition Gmail has introduced another feather in its Gmail brand – named Priority Inbox. This is kind of an inbuilt filter feature, and might prove to be really useful to people who use Filters to sort out emails and still get so many mails in Inbox that it almost freaks them out.

While Gmail has nice filter mechanism wherein you can define rules that attaches to the mails specified labels, or performs certain actions as specified. Priority Inbox would sort out the mails you receive into those of priority and those with low importance. So that you can just check the ones with high priority and then go onto the non important ones. The working mechanism is kind of similar to what Gmail has for its spam detection.

It detects the way you work, which mails you open, whom you reply to and whom you frequently interact with, These few traits are noticed over a span of time and as it progresses the mechanism grows better. You will also have an option to mark mail as important if the priority inbox misses out and doing Vice Versa.

We had notified about the new commenting system on the Blogger which too works on a similar mechanism The more you mark spam comments as spam the less they are published. So Similarly on this too the more you manage your mails the better it manages and analyses on how to sort out mail.


This is a Short Video Depicting how it works.

Read the official notification at Google mail blog OR learn more about it at Priority Inbox HomePage

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  1. Great Post! At last Google too realized the need for prioritization. I don't use Gmail for managing my business email accounts. But I've got another pretty effective Solution for Managing Email Overload - Taroby Do check it out!

  2. Yea it looks like a nice service :)
    But the Public beta is closed. Lets see when i Get an invitation to check it out :)

  3. Gmail introduced a cool feature. I use Priority Inbox and it's great as I sometimes get lost in the hundreds of emails I still have unread. This helps find the important ones more easily.


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