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Wordpress Style Recent Comments Widget for Blogger

Blogger does not have an inbuilt recent comments feature. So you had to revert to Google to search for the best option to display recent comments, but none of them developed it as effectively as done in wordpress. So I made this very simple widget to display recent comments in Blogger - the Wordpress Style.

So by Wordpress Style I mean that it can display up to 4 different things. They are the Comment Date, Comment Author, Post Page where Comment was done, and lastly the Comment itself. The Comment URL in the recent comments feed have some weird links like "showComment=1213409400000#comment-c6962815339210283551" which actually do not direct to the actual comment but just the Comment's post page. So the Wordpress Styled Widget does the following tasks.

The Widget makes use of the fact that in Blogger blogs any 'posturl#comments' will take you to the position on page from where the Comments start just after the Post area. So when you click on the Post Page Link in the Recent Comments you will be directed to the comments on that page and not at the start of the page. Also the Commenter's name would link to the URL provided by the commenter while commenting.

Get Your Own Recent Comment Widget - WordPress Styled
All you need to do is to put in the required values in the Widget Generator shown below. Press the 'Customize' Button and then click on the 'Add Widget' Button to add recent comments widget to your Blog.

Please Give in your Ideas to improve the Widget or what you may wish to add to it.
You can also check out the Top Commentator Widget with backlinks for the Blogger Blogs.
If you are viewing this on a feed Reader the Widget Generation script will not be visible so you will have to visit the site to use the app.

Facing an error installing the widget? Check the Blogger add widget workaround
The Widget has been updated as per what Gengwall said. So Errors should have gone by now.

Download Javascript File to host on your own servers.

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I'm using your widget on my blog. However, the recent comments don't appear all the time. After I moderated new comment, the previous recent comments disappear and the new one also doesn't appear.

Please help.

Chetz Yusof

Neither the widget nor the comments could be found on the blog. Sorry Can't help.

I installed your Widget on a PUBLIC Blog (Blogger). It works fine. But no way to make it work on a PRIVATE one (nothings shows up in the Recent Comments slot).
Is it normal or am I missing something?
Thanks in advance for any hint!

Written by : Anonymous on : Aug 4, 2008, 4:26:00 PM  

I installed your Widget on a PUBLIC Blog (Blogger). It works fine. But no way to make it work on a PRIVATE one (nothings shows up in the Recent Comments slot).
Is it normal or am I missing something?
Thanks in advance for any hint!

Written by : Guy on : Aug 4, 2008, 4:39:00 PM  

Hi Guy, Welcome to CorpseofAttic. No you are not missing anything. The widget uses feed to display the comments, and for Private Blogs the feeds are disabled so, there is no display of comments.

Thanks Gaurav for your answer. Do you mean that there is no chance to get a solution until the Blogger developers decide to do something?
Do you know if (at least)they are aware about that? A Blog without such a facility doesn't make sense!
Thanks for your help!

Written by : Guy on : Aug 5, 2008, 12:58:00 PM  

Hi Gaurav, another quick one! Where are we supposed to make requirements, so the Blogger developers can pay attention to what we (Blogger users) are asking for?
Any relevant URL for that?
Thanks in advance.

Written by : Guy on : Aug 5, 2008, 1:02:00 PM  

Yea, its absolutely true. None of the current methods to display Recent Comments can be done without feeds. So probably until Blogger comes out with something new, we can't make it out.Reason being Feeds are a public feature and if your blog has a feed it is public and not private.

Yea you can Post in the Blogger help group, and also check out the Blogger Blogs, where they tell about new and upcoming features at Blogger Buzz and Blogger in Draft

I have been looking for this for so long! Most of the widgets I have found do not have the capability to create links to the commentors' URL unless the entry title's been clicked from the sidebar. Well done! This is a wonderful widget! =)

Hi Techniqueal, Thanks a lot for commending the widget up :)

Hi again. I do not know what I did but somehow, the widget seemed to have stopped working on mine. It only shows the last comment now even if I declared 10 max. Had the CSS part of the code altered a bit, but used to work before. The 'Grab This' link doesn't seem to appear now too. I'm not sure if it's a problem with my feed. Help please!

The JS is located at:

I would really appreciate help, Thanks! =)

I have commented on your Blog, Check it and see if it works. Possibly it should. It is because of anonymous comments on the Blog. Check and tell :)

Hi,Gaurav.I was wondering if there is a way to change "Commented on" with a simple "on" and if there is the posibility to not show the summary of the comment,just the post title and the commnentor.

Hi ge0rgian,
Yes, it can be done, Would need a new javascript for that, which you can replace instead of default one, provided by widget. Would Link to it soon :)

hi, thanks so much for the quick response on my question! now i understand why it seems to display incorrectly on my blog. is there a way to code it though so it would parse all comments, anonymous ones included? please please, i really like this widget! many thanks! =)

Hi Techniqueal, Actually the problem lies with the fact, that Anonymous comments don't have any URL enclosed with them. So The javascript misses the URL part and so all comments made before that disappear. So A workaround is that to make the URLs disappear from the 'name of commenter' part. The other way is to as your users not to comment anonymously, like I have done.

Tweeking the script as Gaurav suggests is pretty simple. I just initialized the authorurl variable to a blank string and then tested for the existence of the author uri object before populating authorurl. Then I changed the html writing of the anchor tag based on whether or not authorurl is empty.

Hi GengWall,
Welcome to the Blog, and thanks a lot for sharing the tip with the readers :) Cheers.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

hi. i would like to create a link and blog about this as i believe this is a great find. thanks to gengwall, his tweak actually worked! would it be alright with you, being the widget creator, if i post a how-to tweak on my blog? (anonymous comments now included on recent comments list) proper commendations applied of course. thanks.

Yea, Actually most bloggers don't have an issue with an article of theirs being blogged, as long as proper credits and links to original posts are given. Problem comes where plaigarism creeps in. Then legal actions ought be taken for non credited publishing. I too had updated the code as per Gengwall's recommendations.


Hi, my suggestion is: it would be great if the recent comments could exclude commenters similar to the way top comments does. Thanks. great stuff!

Nice Suggestion Eric... would try and implement, and if successful would post about it :)

Hi there! I installed this widget to my blog however I am getting comments shown from last year. It seemed to have been working fine but for the last few weeks it is gone all ga-ga! can you please help as I loved the widget!

It's intalled but not showing up in my home page

Thank a lot sir...


Thanks man

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Great one!
This is what I'm looking for.
Thanks! =)

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

This is the best recent comments widget for Blogger that I've ever seen! None of the others will link to the commenters URL like this one does. Fantastic! I'd like to download the .js file script to my own server but when I click the download link it keeps saying the page can't be displayed. I want to do this to make sure it doesn't stop working due to bandwidth limitations and also so I'm not taking up your bandwidth. Any advice?

Hi Chris,

I have Updated the Link, and Probably u can try the new Recent Comments Widget too.

Let me know of any feedback :)

the widget is a great tool. that what i have been looking for to put in my blog. thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot.

Great one!
This is what I'm looking for.
Thanks! =)

Nice. Thanks for download link :)

oh awesome widget. I'm going to throw it on my blog. Good stuff , thanks again for the share. You just keep offering great stuff.

I have created a similar widget, but with lots of customizable parts and more features: check it out!

nice article

Great Article. I just checked two three article of this blog and find it very good. Thanks Gaurav ! You have shared very good information about widgets. It looks like you have great expertise in this field.

Good trick friend...thank's.

Glad you liked it MIFTAH :)

i will try this one, i will put in my blog now thanks

Hi WorkingatHome,

Glad that u liked the widget :) But I saw that it is not displaying properly on your site. The URL in the widget is wrongly set. You can again customize it with your own URL again

i noticed that also, i just put my url and i don't change the rest but still error i guess.

is there any way to filter blog admins name.. just like as you did in top commentator widget

thanx .i have used it


wah.. nice.. i use it.. thank's ^^

Looking for that.Nice work man.Thanks.....

very nice ... i used it thanks

Hello everyone,

I have made a lot of experiments how could I display recent comments on my blog. Trying so many things and codes but most of them didn't work until I end up with It was so amazing for as easy as 3 minutes, I figured it out by simply copying the codes provided and just replacing my Blogs URL, saved it and presto, it worked out just fine. And since it is very important to me having this recent comments posted, I decided to put my Recent Comment widget just below the Blog under Layout settings. By this way, anybody who browsed my Blog could somehow see the recent comment with ease. Why I am so happy with it? Well, this is because I am not a very techie type of guy who knows a lot of codes, perhaps a little bit busy with my graphics design tasks at work.

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Thank you and have a blessed day to everyone.



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