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Did I say Policy? Yeah I did say that. While commenting on any blog or website you ought to follow some rules and regulations. Nothing stringent about those though.
  • Comments are ALWAYS welcome - Comments make a quality blog, they impart knowledge and views to the community, so keep commenting.
  • Backlinks too are welcome - If You wish to Use us as a reference, you are welcome as long as Proper Credits are given. Please DO NOT publish whole articles without Permission. Plagiarism would not be tolerated at any cost.
  • Links in the comments - Relevant links are most welcome, as long as they are related to the content. Posts with irrelevant URLs might be deleted. Links to objectionable material would be deleted.
  • No Spamming - Spam comments would be deleted. Zero tolerance would be shown towards such comments.
  • Anonymous Comments - feel free to leave back your URL using the 'name/URL' option in comment box. Let us know who you are. I hate anonymous comments as much as I hate spam

Comment as much as you wish, but please keep it clean, and to the level what you may wish comments on your blog.


  1. I appreciate your comment policy. You are very clear about it. These kind of policy make a blog popular and bring traffic to your blog. I apologies in advance if I had say or done some thing wrong. I will follow your rules as I can.

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  3. Hi Gaurav, I wanna to know one thing that which platform is most suitable for blogging. I mean, Wordpress or blogspot or I Self made site.


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