Preview your Gmail Mail without opening it

gmail-logoWell the debate between Gmail and Outlook – “Which is better” is a never ending one. But there has been one feature which has been a standout for Outlook and that has been the mail preview which is also called as ‘Reading Pane’. The feature has been in Outlook since Office 2007, and the same has been incorporated by other web based email clients like Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail.

Now the same features can be incorporated in Gmail so as to have a sneak peak of the mail without opening it. this is not exactly same as Reading Pane but does the job pretty handy with a simple right click. To enable this feature you need to follow one simple step.


Message Sneak Peek Gmail Lab

  • Click on the ‘Save Changes’ Button at the bottom of the page



To preview the Emails in Gmail all you need to do is right click on an Email in your Inbox and you would see a reading pane pan out , showing you the contents of the mail.

Mail Preview Gmail

So enjoy a better Gmail! and let us know how you feel about it.

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