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Top Commentator Widget for Blogger with Backlinks

So here we are. This is to honor all those commenters of blog who review your blog and give their precious comments. So if you want to display the top most commenters of your blog along with their comment count this is a widget just for you. We have many plugins to do this in WordPress but when it comes to Blogger we didn't have many except a couple.

So the earlier Top Commenters widgets were by AssessmyBlog which was modified by Amanda in her Top Commenter's Widget Post. Now a problem notified by Amanda about the Link shown by the widget linked to the most recent comment by the commenter and not the Site Url of the Commenter. So this was rectified by me and the following Widget was made.
Thanks to Amanda for this small but beautiful Widget customization script. So the Usage part of the widget is very simple.
  • Enter the name of your Blog without the "http://" part. The URL would be like for the blogspot users and for the custom domain users. So Enter the URL in the Blog URL field.
  • Key in the name that you wish to exclude from the commenters list, This is your name and type it in Filter Your Name field.
  • Lastly type in how many top commenters you would like to feature in the Widget. This is by default set to 5

Top Commenters at CoA

A live Demonstration of the same is visible onto your left. The widget makes its calculations on last 100 comments posted in your blog. The Widget is purely based on Yahoo Pipes and the Original Pipe can be viewed here:Top Commenters Widget for Blogger with Commenter Backlinks. So you can view the source here, make a clone of the pipe and customize it your way.If there is a room for improvement do notify me and if possible give the due credits.
I have notified Amanda of the Improvements and possibly she would implement in into her widget very soon.
So that was my first real widget, Notify of any bug if there.
Also DO check out the WordPress styled Recent Comments Widget For Blogger

Facing an error installing the widget? Check the Blogger add widget workaround

What Next ?

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Nice find :)

knew this hack year ago,it is for blogspot...

Anywayz keep going with good hacks!

Not sure tf the hack was there a year ago as I have seen all teh major Blogger hack creators and they didn't featured such hack. It was only on a few current Blogger sites.
Nevermind :) thnx anyways

I can't seem to make this widget work on my site

Shoshana, you have added http:// in the URL part. so remove that and put the URL as and NOT as , it would work fine now :)

Awesome, awesome, awesome !!!! Thank you SO much - I have been trying to find a widgit like this for blogger for over a year !!! MUCH GRATITUDE SENT YOUR WAY :)

Thanks a lot Annie

Hi corpse
How to add related Posts widget in blogger.

Welcome to the Cite, Addictive. There are actually three versions of Related posts. One is by Hoctro, other one is by JackBook, and third one by PurpleMoggy. The easiest one is by jackbook. It can be found here:
Related Posts :

Very cool, thanks!

Its my pleasure Harmony that you liked it :)

Hmmm. I've filled in the information, however, I don't find a way to create the widget, no way to copy it to my blog, etc. Am I missing something?

Thanks for notifying this Lynilu, I have posted a workaround for this. Check it out here: Blogger add widget workaround

I've added it, but it isn't displaying anything, just a link back to this page.

Hi Kate,
I checked out the problem regarding the top commenter widget. The problem looks like that you added an ending slash with the Blog URL you added. So use instead of that you have used now. It should work cheers! :) Similarly you can change for your other blogs too.

Hi Gaurav,

Thank you for sharing this widget which is very useful.

I note that you've taken only the last 100 comments for making the top commentor. Can this be increased to at least 500? As otherwise, in my blog, I'm getting only the commentors of last 2 posts only.


Thanks for the help - it's working now!

@ Kate
Never mind, nice to hear it worked :)

Hi Meghna,
At present to make the widget work for more than 100 comments, either you would have to do some manual tweaking, or If you wish I could create another widget wherein you can manually select number of comments to scan for.

Hi Gaurav,
Thank you. As I do not know much about the technicalities, if you can make a widget where no. of commenters can be selected, it would be of great help. Thanks and looking forward to a revised code....

Okies, I would make one, and notify you as and when its ready :)

This widget looks promising! Is there a way to exclude multiple names instead of one? Thanks!

Yea, Techniqueal t , it is possible to exclude multiple names. It would require some manual tweaking and changes, and I would Post a Tutorial soon about that. :)

Thanks so much for sharing the source in Yahoo Pipe! I really appreciate it! Hope you don't mind that I cloned it and did some customization. I've been spending a long awful time to filter the period (.) in my name but it just wouldn't seem to work. Also, my comments feed got messed up when I did an import from another blog that's why I needed to make some adjustments. Your pipe is real cool, this widget is great and it's truly useful. Again, thanks! =)

Great, Techniqueal, This was the very reason why I had posted the link to Yahoo Pipes, so that there is no need to create the pipes from scratch again. Nice to see you utilized it to fullest. :)

unfortunately not working here. would appreciate it if you could contact me.


Hi Grimm,
I could not find the code on your blog. Could you please elaborate on what error or problems you were facing.

thanks for the quick response.
i installed the top commentator widget from bloggerbuster but recently it suddenly stopped working and didn't show the commentators listing anymore.
amanda (who created this widget or at least modified it) said this has something to do with the yahoo pipes but still no solution or advise what to do. you can't see the code because i deleted it from my blog for now.

I had also read that post by Amanda, It had something to do with the Bandwidth Issues as Amanda said. Hopefully mine pipes are working as of now. The best way to avoid this (if in case it is because of bandwidth limitation) is to clone a pipe in your own account and use it for your own website. If you need how to I'll post it.

Is there a way we can filter 2 names instead of the default one?

Hi Dubai Guy,
It can be done, but would need some manual tweaking, I would post a tutorial about it soon.keep a watch :)

Have it on, but how can I make it link to the commentor's site and not just the last comment?
I'd like to give them some linky love for being in my top list. Is that possible?

Ok. Nevermind. Your widget does just that. The other one only took you to the comment.
Thanks for the cool widget! :)

Great, you liked the widget, Fitness Diva :)

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You rock! The widget works beautifully. Have you written a post yet on how to filter two names? The widget is on and I set it to filter out my husband's name, Paul Eilers, but I also need to filter out his blog name, Thank you so much!

I'll post about that soon Laua :)

is it still working? can i use it in my blog(spot)?

it is working... no one has yet replied with it not working... So I hope its all fine :)

how i reset that table??i want to say, how i reset

example: 1. aaaa (0 comments)
2. bbbb (0 comments)

please respond me om
thanks a lot

can I add my link to your blog?

@ Butcher
Currently there is no way to reset the widget, all you can do is manually edit the pipes and make the number of comments to be considered to be small.

@ goudzrj
Sorry to say but I do not indulge in link exchanges , and all the blogs in my blogroll are the ones whom I respect as bloggers.

Thanks for sharing this. I found my way here through this widget on that blog.

Great Patricia you like it...

thanks for this widget. god bless you!

Thanks a lot Zaduna :)

Cool widget! thanks for sharing this, I'll try it out.

This is a great widget. Thank you very much for making it available to us...

peace, Villager

Very useful widget... Thank you

Thanks a lot Tony, Villager and klether8... nice to see you liked it :)

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I've seen this kind of widget on other blogs but never knew how to get one, thanks! I put it on both my blogspot blogs with no problem. I will write about this in my Friday "Things I Learned This Week" post on my blog at with a link back to this post if it's okay with you. (I also bookmarked it on Stumble and Delicious.)

seems interesting, will try to install it my my blogger blog, let me see if they can have a few extra traffic

Can't wait to see how it looks on my page. Really been wanting to give recognition to the great group that comes to visit me every day!

Thx for this widget yar .. i was having tutorial on this widget but was not able to give backlinks to name ...and found it here...Great Work

@ Karen, Srednarb, Peanut Butter and Jenny & Anshul

Thanks a lot that you liked the widget :)

I just stumbled over this post and found it real worthwhile. I wonder what widget/plug ins u dream to have is available on the net. U just need to get to the right place.

Today the luck was on my side. Thanks a lot.

Lucy How.

@ Lucy

Great that you liked it :) and I hope you have such days all year round :)

I have a problem. The widget is showing the top 5 commentators from almost a year ago. The five folks shown are *not* currently the top commenters. I had similiar problem with Mad Tomato widget for 'Recent Comments'. Is this unique to my blog ( or have you seen it elsewhere?

In any case, do you have a suggested fix?

Okay Villager... I'll try and make a new widget or suggest on how to tweak this up. Sorry for the delayed reply, but I'll surely get this done.

This widget is great! I was looking for a way to recognize those who are commenting on my blog and a way to increase comments. I found you through Book Calendar and I am so glad. Thanks so much!

I have a question. My top commenter did have 17 comments and every day it has fallen until now it says 13. Is this because she only has 13 comments in the last 100 comments and perhaps her earlier comments were before the last 100? I hope this is not a dumb question!

Can you create one for Wordpress too? I would love to have this on my blog.

Just installed this and it looks great. Thanks!

I checked out the problem regarding the top commenter widget. The problem looks like that you added an ending slash with the Blog URL you added. sexy lingerie

Written by : Anonymous on : Feb 26, 2009, 4:50:00 PM  

thank for your information

I have been wanting this widget for a while, and love it. Thanks Amanda. I would like to be able to remove myself. I reply to others comments so I am the top commenter. I would love a mod for that.

wow, great post.
loved reading it, keep up the good work =)

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Thank you so much for this great widget. It helps our readers to comment more to our blogs. Good job...more power to your blog or blogs

I've just found this very nice widget. Thank you!

thx for sharing, cool widget

have added this widget over at my blog but it seems that it does not work. Would be very much appreciate it if u cud help me out. Thks in advance.

Hi Niena...
Just checked out the problem with your widget.
Actually you have added the URL in the widget as But there should not have been the Slash in the end. So Please add the URL in widget as The widget should work properly :)

Gaurav, yeah! dat was the real culprit! managed to resolved it!! Thanks a lot!! U've been very helpful

nice! =)

wow... I have been looking for this widget! Thanks for sharing. Perfectly working....

I create Top Commentator Widget for Blogger with Backlinks in my blog, but does not work correctly.
Why ? pls help me out. thx

I have the same problem with Blogger widgets like Can. What did I wrong? can someone lp pls?



I'm just trying to figure it out I put the wideget but wrong I need to enter it manually? please help..


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I am trying out this Blogger thing and I can't seem to get anyone to my site to read my blogs. I want to build a great readership but I am a some what of a noob on SEO. I have read up on it but don't really understand how to get alot of backlinks to my site. Also If i write articles to article submissions sites can i use the same article for each submission site or is that conisdered duplicate content? How do i open the flood gates for traffic?

Hi, there! I'm glad I found this site! I was able to put your widget on my site but my problem is..the numbers or the ranking (1,2,3) of the commenters on the left are not completely showing. Can you help me with it? Thank you so much!

Thanks for the heads up! Quality Backlinks are really important for your site to have better online visibility.

I tried this for a while searching for sites, forums, blogs that I could post backlinks, and it's harder then it seems.

You can get thousands of "backlinks" a day - and what's even better, if you're persistent enough at it you can get your site completely banned from the major search engines. Pardon the sarcasm.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

But you can easily track nofollow in your browser. There are add-ons for firefox that will highlight nofollowed links on your screen in a color you choose.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Does it have chance we can choose the site who wanted to buy link for us. I am very selective actually

I've been looking for ways to show my appreciation for my visitors and commenters, and this widget is a very helpful one. Thanks for creating this.

@ teacher
it just gives top commenters according to no. of comments posted buy that user, so not much to be selective about which user to display.

Can you exclude more than two names? I have three I'd like to exclude from the list. Thanks!

Is there anyway to adjust the width of the widget? How?
Thank you.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I have enjoyed reading your blog for a while now and think it's about time I left my first comment! I'm subscribed to your RSS feed and will continue visiting often, so keep up the good work!


I've been looking for the widget but I don't find this very often on the blogs. It's kindof difficult to find people using this widget. Great ideas though.

The widget is great. Thank you! I do have a question though. Although the widget works fine for me, all of the commentators seem to be tabbed over. Is there any way to get the list of names to align to the left?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks a lot Badger Momma,
I think a little toying with HTML/CSS should align them to left...

nm, I figured it out. I changed to ol container for all those text items to ul. That did the trick. :)

Thats fine,
Hope u enjoy the widget... :)

thank for your tips

hi...thanks before I say something about top /recent commenter widgets. I just noticed lately that number of comments was make lesser in some period of time . I don't know if some bloggers noticed it also . like one commenter had let say 10 this week , the next two weeks or less was become 8,7 or down. Please let me know why , I'm new in this widget, I'm just wondering how it goes . I want to add this widget in my other blogs but making sure first before going through. Nice widget!thanks and thanks again

have a nice day.

Thanks, I'll come back again.
Recommended reading

thanks a lot

Working here :)

Thank you so much for the widget! i was able to plug it in without any problems and that means a lot! all the best. I think I need to add your site to my Reader!

Nice widget, one of the good widget, that many Blogger can use on their blogs

It is an old hack but at the same time a very useful one for people that did not know about it.

tnx so much for the widget, very useful!

Start a weblog

I am getting this widget now! Thanks for the awesome share. Very useful.

this widget is kind of funky. One 1 hand I like it one the other i dont.

I don't see any code to add to blog to make the widget? Would be very much interested in doing this.

Can you help?

Thanks for the heads up! Quality Backlinks are really important for your site to have better online visibility.

Does it take a while to calculate, because I've had it applied to my blog now for several days & it isn't showing anything except 'Get this widget for your site' I had found it on someone's blog & it shows a list on their blog, but it isn't on mine. Any suggestions?

Hi Tricia,
Just checked out the code in your blog. The problem is that you have added a '/' an the end while entering the URL in the widgetmaker. That is the URL entered is which should have been instead.
So Remove the ending slash(/) and the widget would work fine :)

Hope you enjoy the widget :)

Hi Gaurav,

It worked! YaY! Thank you so much & thanks for getting back w/ me so fast, I appreciate that!!!

Hi Tricia,
Glad that you enjoyed it :)

Makes me laugh says no spam then look at the guy above.

thanks for this widget.

i think The Top Commentators Widget a sidebar widget to show the top commentators in your WP site. Adapted from Show Top Commentators plugin at Personal Financial Advice, this widget is easier to manage via the control form (no need to edit the PHP file); additional options are also available to make it more flexible.What you say?

Very nice, thanks!!

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Written by : Anonymous on : Dec 27, 2009, 8:52:00 AM  

thanks for the widget, been looking for something like this for ages now. Thanks again

Great little tool, but I still thing blogger lacks when compared with Wordpress

nice one, thanks a lot

Can you call this a blog wherein the owner or someone post a problem (ex. relationship) and the commentators will give the advice for participation? is that a blog

something new for me i found out here , thanks for advises and something more

thanks for this widget.

Thanks for this, I will check and see if it works for me too.

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good read, can you help how insert ads to blogger articles? Thanks.

Great article and I was wondering what is the best way to make the ads appear throughout the articles I write?

Great blog and I hope to see many more. this was posted a while back but still relevant.

Great site, yeah but how do I popularize my site for comments?

Hey webmaster, good day. Totally Great work. You have gained a new fan. Please continue this awesome work and I look forward to see more of your excellent posts. Take care.

Nice one, thanks a lot.

Good post :)

Hi very nice post. looking very informative.

Max CPU temperature for MacBook Pro?

Thanks! I've been searching for this kind of edit for the Top Commentator Widget. It's great that it can also be used on blogger.

Hi! I've tried installing the widget. It just says GET THIS WIDGET FOR YOUR SITE. Does this need some time before it works?

Widgets for blogger?
does anyone know where i can get some cool widgets (eg. cursors) for my blog on

my blog is at www.runningcrazyroundincircles.blogspot.…

I had some anime episodes on my itunes before my dad reformatted the computer they were on. I can't redownload them onto itunes, and I hadn't gotten around to putting them on a CD.
It says I can post a widget on a website by pasting the code they gave me......
My question is:
What website can I post a widget onto?

This is interesting.I have a blog on blogger.But it is relatively new one.Not much comments till now.Will it look good if I add this widget to my blog.Here is my blog:

hello there, can you help me whats wrong on mine? i just downloaded this widget from this post but it's not working on my blog :-( it's on the lower right corner of my blog.

How do you design a widget for blogger?
How do I design a widget for blogger (blogspot)? I want to make my own widget from scratch. Also if you could give me a complete example, I would extremely appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

there is none as far as I know. you can switch to WordPress blogging script and install the related plugin.

Are blogspot and blogger different? If so which is better? What about wordpress?

What is a widget..............?


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogspot and Blogger are same? If not so with is better?
What is a widget...?

This comment has been removed by the author.

HI, I visited your site there a few days ago, and now I installed the plugin on my blog, is working perfectly, I would like to say thanks.
Here is my blog:

This information about Top Commentator Widget for Blogger with Backlinks, is very interesting, I like SEO, is a great job!

I tried to install this and it's still not working. I tried a couple months back and none of my commenters were showing up. Not sure why.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Hmmm? I must be doing something wrong?

This is a really good widget, thanks for it.

Wao!!! a great collection of most wanted widget/plugins for everyblogger. Thanks a ton :)

Written by : Anonymous on : Jul 15, 2010, 12:45:00 PM  

I have been trying to figure out how to do this.. I see it on others blogs as well, so thanks... phew finally

nm, I figured it out. I changed to ol container for all those text items to ul. That did the trick. :)

Great widget thanks for the info

I dont know why blogger does not include this widget in their list, but now I have it thanks

nice hacks

This is great, showing some love to commenters, nice one.

Hi Gaurav .Thanks for lot of good information. I went through whole comment and find it quite informative. One more question - How do we add widget in our blog ?

Very useful widget! Really appreciate your efforts for making such a useful widget for blogger blogs. Thanks for sharing.

how do you change the color of the font to better suite the theme?

can we set it to daily count? then we can see the last of month total commentor?

Thanks for helpful tips.Keep it up

veri nice information..i like it

Useful and Wonderful widget..Thanks for sharing....

usefull widget for me

Written by : Anonymous on : Jan 1, 2011, 1:49:00 PM  

Blogger widgets are so awesome this one is cool too, thanks for sharing.

Interesting observation. Can you cite any of this research? I would be interested in reading the findings for myself.

Written by : Anonymous on : Feb 10, 2011, 12:35:00 PM  

thanx brother... its worked

Thanks, finally found it! Awesome!

Very useful widget! Really appreciate your efforts for making such a useful widget for blogger blogs. Thanks for sharing.

Very useful widget - thanks a lot =]

I really enjoy reding your posts as I learn a lot from them. I also broaden my thinking as far as what I can use and do with things

Thanks You So Much.

finally i have found a way to appreciate my top commenters.

Lets keep on sharing more stuff.

check out

Thanks for your share. I want to make this widget ti give backlink for top comment on my blog :)

Thanks Gaurav! Its very well written post. The widget seems to be interesting. I would love to add it in my blog. Hopefully, It will help in increasing traffic on it and increase PR of my blog.

Great widget, but it does not filter out my comments even though I put my name in the filter box. Any way to fix that?

Hi Dana,

The name to filter out has to be exactly what is visible after you comment. I visited your blog and saw that your name is not visible in the recent commenter's list. Hopefully you would have sorted it out.

Cheers and Happy Blogging.

I did figure it out, but thanks so much for getting back to me!

great widget. keep it up. expecting more from this article

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