Gmail Tweaks Itself Again

gmail-logo Looks like Gmail is up and bound for some real good changes. Of the late Gmail has started becoming the best internet mail system, courtesy its ultra clean look and no fuss approach. With it being lighter than other email systems it obviously goes out to become the best (some people may disagree) internet mail client. So carrying forward the legacy of clean interface Gmail has yet again cleaned up itself.

The most prominent change that has occurred is the changing of the top left interface. The Compose Mail link has become a button now, and mail, contacts have been moved up on the left hand panel. Yet again something up for grabs when it comes to being clean and tidy. The Select all checkbox now has a drop down too wherein you can select which messages you wish to select


Other changes Include tweaking up the contacts section, which now has keyboard shortcuts, and multiple other tweaks including auto save. more Features have been put up at official Blog Post for the tweak

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  1. Gmail is getting cooler, I think they had improved the server too.


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