8 Features that make Yahoo Mail Beta Better

imageMany of you would have upgraded your yahoo mail to the new Beta Version. Yahoo has upgraded its mail to a yet new Beta version and had sent out notification mails to most of its users in the end of April 2011. While Gmail has been slowly capturing the email marketplace but there do exist Yahoo Mail loyals. Lets have a look at the best features that Yahoo! Mail Beta has to offer this time around.



1. Clean Look:

This is one thing that would surely be noticed. After a long time Gmail's simplicity has been challenged, and the new look Yahoo Mail Beta is seriously clean.

2. Browse Your Chat Logs:

Easily browse through your saved chat logs by clicking on the Conversations link just under the Inbox. Log settings can be changed in messenger settings.

3. Organized Folders:

Folders are an expandable link now and are easily accessible too. While yahoo doesn't have labels folders are the way to go in yahoo mail

4. Facebook Chat :

Chat with your Facebook from within the mail after attaching your Facebook account with yahoo. Also easily accessible is the Yahoo Messenger Chat .

5. Optimized Search:

This is the biggest change. The search is a lot better now and easily accessible on the top rightmost corner with 2 options to search mail and web. Choose as you wish to.

6. Contacts:

Another Big improvement ala Gmail with contacts now being easier to find . Import option is given too from Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail and other mail services. Also present is the duplicate contact finder one feature that I loved with Gmail too.

Import Contacts into yahoo Mail Beta

7. Unlimited Storage:

This one is tempting though, but only if you are a power user. Gmail still has around seven and a half GB of storage.

8. Themes:

Last but not the least the look and feel can be changed through the multiple themes that are available for selection.


You can also Try Yahoo Mail beta from here if you haven’t already.

Do let us know about your suggestions regarding the New mail beta.

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  1. Looks as good as gmail will give it a try thanks.

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