Orkut Photo Comments visible in Recent Updates

With so much going on with Orkut these days, Orkut has added just another feature which can be regarded as not a necessity, but well would keep you well connected with what’s going on within your Orkut friend circle. We had a few updates in last few days, namely Conversation feature , Album update, birthday reminder update. So here is another one.

Now you can watch the comments that are posted on your friend’s album pics, in your recent updates. This means you will be knowing what is going on with your friends, and actually take part in the discussions. This means you would be getting more visits to your profile by your friends.


This is also good because sometimes you miss out on some really good photos of your friends, but now comments would keep it alive. So if you see any Hot discussion going on with some Photo, just click the Photo and voice in your views. Happy Orkutting!!!

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  1. i really like this update though its a copy of facebook....but worth keeping...as its hard to track others commnets on their album..:)

  2. Yea Virgintech, its a copy of Facebook, but I do feel Orkut has to implement such features to keep up with other social networks.


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