Visual Update for Orkut Albums

There have been many updates to Orkut since last few days, and most notable of them was the Birthday reminder notification on the Home Page of Orkut. Since Orkut lacks on the Visual front in comparisons to almost all the major Social Networks , so They too are doing their bit to make Orkut more and More Pretty. So now is the time for some Visual Upgrades to the Album area, which makes it even more slick.

Now if you login and watch the albums list of any or your friends or even yours, you see nice Listed Albums, a kin the Videos, with more details on the albums depicting on creation date and last Update. Good enough for it to be regarded as an update, and not just a tweak.


They could have made it better as per what Rahul Suggested, but well and good as they have thought at that aspect, and should improve it aesthetically and functionally too.

Via : DevilsWorkshop