Orkut Birthday Reminder tweaked

Yeah, this is one real small and cute tweak Orkut has dome on the home page. It was a nice feature to show whose birthday was falling on what date, but Today as I noticed it had changed a bit. It was displaying Aman’s birthday in a not so regular way.

Having a Look at the picture, the very first thing you would notice that instead of the regular Date of Birthday in a Bold Format, The picture displays ‘Today!’ Written in a Bold Format, and below that it has a leave a scrap link, for you to quickly leave a scrap to the Birthday Boy/Gal.

Looks like Orkut team is heeding to what the users need, and how they tend to make it use it. So instead of clicking on user’s page and then his/her scrapbook, It is always better to directly being able to leave a scrap on the scrapbook. If you hadn’t noticed Orkut has also tweaked up its email notification for scraps.

Anyways great work by Orkut.