Google now reads forums too

This is something new I saw while surfing a couple of days ago. Google now not only crawls web forums but literally reads them too. This is just good, as It saves lot of time just by making the viewers get a sneak peak of when actually the Posts were done.This is actually better than the weird audio preview feature in YouTube , or Techmeme like interface of Google Blog search.

google crawls forums better

Check this screenshot, and as you can see it clearly shows, the number of posts on the thread, and how many people have contributed to it. Not just that, it also shows the last date of post on the forum thread, so hereby saving lots of time, just because the user comes to know whether the content is out dated, or if it has just a couple of posts. In layman’s terms it just means Google is crawling web better, and dishing out more relevant results.

Good update to say the least.


  1. google is also reading blog post comments, and amazingly is also counting the comments too!

  2. never got any result showing number of comments though.. would love to check that out too.

  3. I agree that this is a great feature for a search engine to include. Google has realized that people searching for forum or blog posts often want to know more details than someone just looking for a normal webpage. Essentially this should greatly improve the bounce rates for forums and blogs.


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