YouTube Audio Preview – Listen before you comment

image Now this is called one weird feature in YouTube. If you haven’t noticed, there is an audio preview button visible beside the Post Comment Button, for posting comments on any video on YouTube. Audio Preview?? err what's that?

Audio Preview, is an feature on YouTube commenting section which reads the comment back to you, much like a Text to Speech conversion tool. Now what for do we need that? Frankly speaking, we can’t post audio comments on YouTube as of now, so just listening to what you have just typed in looks a bit odd. Maybe they are going to implement audio commenting in near future, which frankly would be a debatable feature, if implemented. As of now there is no such feature, so basic reason is unknown.


No body knows what Google intends to do, so possibly there maybe something new coming out from their side. Now if Audio comments are what Google is intending to implement on YouTube with this, this could one real bad tool for abusing, and flaming. Till then enjoy this weird feature…


  1. They have been inspired by:

  2. Yea, Google also takes inspirations :P

  3. ... Yeah, people are going to take the time to click the audio preview button. Nobody uses that, it's a waste of time.

  4. Did YouTube do away with the Audio preview button, I had it for a while, now it is gone?


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