Google BlogSearch Changes

Google BlogSearch – Google’s own Blog search engine has changed dramatically in its first major update ever. Now Instead of the plain googley look it wore till now, it looks a lot more like What Google News looks. Instead of just a plain blog search engine it bears  a more sophisticated look, with top Blog News being on the Home Page vis-a-vis Google News. Frankly a lot more cluttered look, for those who have loved the simplicity of Google, but it is still acceptable.

Apart from displaying top stories on the Home Page it also has a left column, depicting the main categories used to index the Blog Searches – Politics US World Business Technology Video Games Science Entertainment Movies Television Sports. So much for Indexing blogs. Great work, but how it comes up with users is yet to be seen.

What it is being felt in the blogosphere that it is some kind of threat to the likes of Techmeme and Technorati. There has already been so much discussion over all this. So there is not much a point discussing it all over again
google-blog-search .

There are some features which are most likely to be loved, like the one showing mow many posts relate to a similar topic, along with the time since the story was first indexed, because of the basic fact that Google Blog Search indexes almost the whole of the blogosphere, just like Technorati. But in that respect too you are most likely to prefer technorati rather than Google BlogSearch, because BlogSearch indexes almost anything, right from the scripts submitted at google-blog-search-feature

Anyways this is good to see, Google has updated the BlogSearch engine, to something which is more useful, but Digital Inspiration has made an interesting observation about the recent update.