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Blogger adds preview to comments

Blogger has added Preview feature to the Comments section. This is a good feature, giving the fact, similar feature is already being used in most social networks, and more so because it shows the Comment author the glimpse of what and how are his comments going to appear. This Feature combined with Inline comments for Blogger and subscription to post-comments, makes the commenting system of Blogger pretty much interesting.


This is a Snapshot how the Preview button looks along with the inline comments for Blogger, Pretty much good, something like preview scrap feature in Orkut.


The actual preview of comments also looks good, but for long comments you’ll have to scroll to see the full comments.

Things that can be tweaked : The preview comment is not fully matched with individual blog theme. As of now its a general preview. So if preview can be according to the Blog theme, would be a welcome move. Anyways good feature. Keep up the good work Blogger team.

What Next ?

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Personally I think a lot of people will not realize they are viewing a preview of their comment. Many will assume the comment is now in pending mode once they click 'Post Comment'. It would be better if the word verification was visible without needing to scroll down.

It is a good feature if it limits comment typos & spam comments. I agree that it may confuse people with the way you have to scroll down for the verification word. You may be losing some comments from people who assumed their comment went through.

It's really such a nice feature. I made a mistake in my last comment i did not notice this feature but today onwards i will be careful about such mistake.

Really cool function, thk for share.

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