Blogger Comment form tweaks up

If you remember Blogger had released an embedded comment form after the requests of blogger community, which enabled the Blogger users to have a comment form under their posts. We had also posted about how to embed the comment form to posts on blogs using default templates and also for those using the custom templates. With so much functionality released with the embedded comment form, still the Comment form was short of the comment form we have with WordPress and the Like. Blogger has released another update through which you can easily subscribe to the comments of a particular post.

As known the Embedded comment form is now also available in regular Blogger rather than only through Blogger in Draft. So while you see any post on a Blogger Blog, and you wish to subscribe to the comments of the post, all you have to do is click on the Subscribe link visible on the lower right of the embedded comment form. For this to happen you have to be signed in to your Google Account.


So just by clicking that link you can subscribe to all the future comments of the post, without even have to comment on the Post as needed earlier.


You receive a confirmation as depicted above. To unsubscribe all you have to do is click on the unsubscribe link to be free of all the future comments.


A nice feature on the part of the Blogger team. Blogger has also released some other tweaks and fixes, which all can be seen at the Official Blogger in Draft Post.


  1. this is a nice trick. it could have been better and easier though if blogger can embed a "notify me for followup comments" checkbox, similar to wordpress. in this way, commentators would be notified right away of followup comments. ^_^

  2. Hi Techniqueal,
    In my view its one and the same thing. All you have to do is click on the subscribe link, to follow up comments for that post. This can be done without even commenting. All you need to do is be signed into your Google account at that moment.


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