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imageGoogle is constantly evolving the blogger platform keeping in view the stiff competition from another amazing platform WordPress. While for WordPress it has an amazing network and loads of man-hours are being put by the open-source community for its evolution, whereas blogger being Google's project evolves slowly but it has the reliability of Google's zero downtime and stability. Well after the new comment system and other changes with blogger google has also launched five new dramatic ways of viewing a Blogger hosted blog.

The new 5 ways allow a user to view a blogger hosted blog in a totally different way by just appending /view at the end of the URL. For example you can view us by visiting the link

The Five views gone live as of now are:

  • Flipcard – This view places the posts in neat and clean horizontal lines as thumbnails. The details and name of post is revealed on hovering over the post.
  • Blogger Flipcard View
  • Mosiac – This view arranges the the images present in posts like mosiac tiles and hoveing over the thumbnail zooms the image out, and on clicking would take you to the post.
  • Blogger Mosiac View
  • Sidebar – This view enables your posts to be listed as a sidebar and the post opened in the right pane. Clean and elegant look.
  • Blogger Sidebar View
  • Snapshot – This view places the thumbnails as randomly arranged polaroids. Hovering over the image would show you a small snippet of the post.
  • Blogger Snapshot View
  • Timeslide – This view comprises of three columns , the leftmost one having most recent posts with max details, middle columns has previous posts with lesser details and rightmost column only having the titles of the posts.
  • Blogger Timeslide View

These five themes give a lot of dynamism to the blogger blog’s look. The best part about them these views allow you to view a blog without the frills, no ads or sidebars. Clean and elegant is what it is meant at.

What do you feel about the dynamic views on Blogger?

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  1. Like I said before, Blogger will improve its engine to a new level, a level aside of Wordpress.


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