You Can Change Facebook Page Title or Name

facebook_logoYes its true. After such a long time Facebook has finally allowed Page admins to change the title of their pages. A feature which most admins had wanted for ages. earlier it used to be that if you have created a page with a wrong title you are stuck with it with no option of changing it in future.

But now it seems that Facebook has provided the facility to change them as it can be seen from the screenshot of Our Facebook page.


Well a thing needs to be seen is that if all the users have been provided with the feature to change the title because Facebook help as of Today still shows that Page Title cant be changed


Anyways the good news is that the change is here, and hopefully it is shared with everyone very soon. And yes this comes very soon after Facebook Launched Friendship Pages.

Please Note : As of now this change is visible on Pages with lesser number of Likes(probably less then 100 Fans/likes). Lets see when it would be available for all if it does so.


  1. Great news, but still we can't analyise traffic on the fanpage via Google Analytics. I'm realy upset about, I can't make a good raport for my clients.

  2. wow.......... it's nice... thank you

  3. Great information but I think everything is getting to Facebook crazy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This has all changed now how do you change the title?


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