Facebook launches friendship pages

facebook-Friendship-pageFacebook has launched yet another innovative feature called the friendship pages. Now this feature is dedicated to see the common things between two friends. For example if you or someone shares a lot of posts or pictures in common then these would come up in your and the other person’s friendship page.


These pages include everything common between you and the other profile connected through the friendship page -  including wall posts, mutual friends, commonly tagged pictures, common pages amongst others. You can see a friendship page if you are friend with one of the person and can view both the profiles.

View Friendship PageSo for the friends whose friendship page I was checking, the URL are of the format : http://www.facebook.com/corpseofattic?and=sakshamgupta which means the generic URL is of the type : http://www.facebook.com/UID-user1?and=UID-user2

For the pages which haven’t chosen their usernames the UIDs need to be replaced with the respective profile ID numbers. You can also see your friendship page with another person by Visiting the View you and User Link on someone’s profile page as can be seen from the image on the left.

Pretty cool idea thought by Facebook. Tell us what you think of the new feature – the Friendship pages. So go socializing and looking out for Friendship pages.