Better Comment Management Needed for Blogger

comment I think this is one feature that has been asked by the bloggers all around the world for a very long time. Wordpress and Blogger have been two most common blogging platform since long, while wordpress has been updating regularly, blogger was a bit slow with these. But since late Google has been taking heed to what its bloggers want.

A few developments like expandable post summaries, and new developments on blogger in draft are a few but still there is a massive gap between the two platforms, and one of those obvious ones is the comment management mechanism.

While wordpress has some amazing plugins for antispam, most notable Akismet, which has been holding the fort of Wordpress antispam since long, and has been more than effective in doing so. But while you blog at Blogger there isn’t any proper comment moderation mechanism.

Things that we surely need while it comes to comments in blogger are :

  1. 1. A Comment Moderation Page , kind of what we have in Wordpress, where we can moderate the comments from a single spot , without going to each post and deleting them
  2. 2. A better comment spam detection mechanism. Trust me Akismet is needed in Blogger too.
  3. 3. Ability to mark a website/ email Used in comment as spam, so that no further comments are allowed from that URL/ email id. Its really sad to daily come and delete all those ‘party decoration and buy this buy that’ comments, and all those commenters who repeat the comments again n again.
  4. 4. reply to a specific comment. Not an utmost necessity but something of this sort would surely be welcome.

stop comment spam I know we all love blogger but its quite sometime that we need nore control over one thing that matters to us. Atleast of the comment part. WE love blogger and surely appreciate the new additions in the blogger in draft like Blogger stats , Blogger template designer or even the new sharing buttons that Blogger launched recently. But we need to keep those spammers and unwanted comments at bay.

There could be many more what other bloggers would like to ask for or share. Blogger is surely improving and we are hoping it does the same way it has been since of late.

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  1. Blogger's now got something to do to beat Wordpress, and this war is actually spectacular!


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