Blogger Introduces Expandable Post Summaries - Jump Links

So this the one update from Blogger team that everyone had been waiting for.The inbuilt feature to create expandable post summaries is finally here. It is Called Jump Links, and it was one of the most sought after feature in Blogger and there were many hacks available to do this. So now the feature has been finally introduced. So no need for those hacks, and you can easily integrate it into your Blog.


The expandable summaries can be enable from either of the two methods, either from 'Blogger in Draft' or through the New Post Editor, which can be enabled from the Blogger DashBoard by going through DashBoard > Settings > Basic

So All you need to do is click on the location where Summary has to be placed and Click on 'Insert jump Break' button.

Alternatively it could be done through adding the following Code in your Post through Edit HTML, in new post tab. Place it where you would want your Read More link to be placed.
<!-- more -->

To change the Read More >>  text, all you need to do is, Goto Layout > Blog Post Widget and click on Edit
Make the changes in the following Field.

If you are using any uncustomised and default Template, the above steps should enable the Expandable post summaries on your blog.


For such blogs, there needs to be some manual editing in the blog Template.
  • Firstly perform the above steps
  • Goto Layout > Edit HTML > Download Full Template to backup your existing template.
  • Check the Expand Widget Templates check box
  • Now Search for the function:
  • This is where your Blog Post is.
  • Just after the <data:post.body/>, Copy and paste the following Code
<b:if cond='data:post.hasJumpLink'>
<div class='jump-link'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url + "#more"'><data:post.jumpText/></a>
</b:if >
  • Now Preview the Changes and save the Template. You should be seeing the expandable post summaries on your Home Page.

So that was it, a breeze and easy tutorial to install it :)
So keep Blogging and enjoying the platform.

LINKS : Blogger Posts | Official Blog Post


  1. Nice step by step detailing about how to enable expandable memory. I think this feature will be prove very beneficial for our blogs. Doing well that your are sharing such worthy stuff.

  2. Would be cool if you could also provide a wordpress edition for this =D

    Thank you,


  3. Great step by step walkthrough. I have several blogs that I use and this is vey helpful information for me.

    I've found that there is quite a lot that you can do with Blogger. It is well worth clicking around and trying out the Format options etc. You can get a customised blog very easily. Not as comprehensive a Worpdress but a great blog can be created in seconds.



  4. It is great that blogger added this feature. Obviously they have been paying attention to what features people actually want. When lots of people are using work arounds to accomplish something, most times the develop needs to include that as a standard feature.

  5. It's a great feature. They have been paying attention to what features people actually want.

    By the way, thanks for showing each steps. It will help alot of people (like me). Ill try it out right now!

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  9. @landscape gold coast: Haha, that's funny. Any truth to that story? ;)

    Till then,


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  11. have you tried asking other bloggers at blogspot?

  12. I don't think other bloggers share much good info anymore. :(

    Till then,



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