Add Inline Images to Gmail

image So you always had a problem adding inline images to mails sent through gmal. A feature which is very well supported in email clients like Outlook. One issue which business clients migrating to Gmail would always find. So now there are two ways to resolve the Issue.

DRAG n DROP : The First and the Simples one is only when you have Google Chrome as the Browser . Which means you would need to run Gmail on Google Chrome.

Then all you need to do is drag the Image onto your compose window for the image to be attached Inline with the Message. here is a Screenshot for the same.


After Attaching you can easily change the dimensions of the image in the compose window. This tip as of Now works only with the Chrome Browser but would be available on other browsers soon.

GMAIL LABS : This is an old Gmail labs feature which you can enable from Gmail Labs.Through this you can add inline Images into Gmail, irrespective of the browser you are using.

It can be activated By going onto gmail labs > Inserting Images

It is a very Simple Feature , but it wont work if you have enabled Offline Gmail


And after that you can see the ‘Insert Image’ button enabled in compose toolbar.

So enjoy Gmail with Inline Images :)

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  1. Since I don't use Google Chrome, hopefully this functionality is available in other web browsers soon. I hate when you try to include an image in your e-mail only for it to show up separately as an attachment.

  2. Will give this a try. recently changed to gmail from hotmail.


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