Gmail Launches Gmail Labs

Gmail has launched Gmail Labs which according to them is the testing ground for the experimental features. Google has incorporated the suggestions of the User Community into a few new features that have been incorporated into Gmail Labs.

Gmail has been the second favorite Email client after Yahoo! Mail and Google has launched some experimental Features into it. Most of you may have seen the ' New! Gmail Labs ' onto the top of your Gmail inbox page.

To activate the Features of Gmail Labs, you have to go to the settings and then click on the Labs Tab. Therein you can activate many New experimental Features that have been Provided with Gmail Labs.

These Features are experimental and can change from time to time. What Google wants to implement is that The Useful and frequent Features would be kept and integrated with Gmail and the less popular features would be taken out and replaced with new ideas. So don't worry if the Gmail Labs disappears or breaks down, its normal.

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