Opera 9.6 Launches

Opera has just released the latest version of its Profusely innovative browser, Opera 9.6. As for competing with the likes of the More popular projects like Firefox, they too are coming out with newer versions as fast and quickly as possible, and That too not with just plain speed enhancements, but also with somewhat innovative features.

If you don’t remember it wasn’t long before Opera 9.5 was released, and in its newest avatar, the ver. 9.6, the most innovative feature is the Display of feeds within the browser. This is called Feed Preview, and would change the way feeds are previewed inside a Browser. Opera Displays the recent items elegantly in the Multiple column layout for better readability, and along with that it also gives an almost in-depth preview of the feed items.

Here is how CorpseofAttic Feed looks inside Opera at 1024x768 resolution.

CorpseofAttic Feeds in Opera 9.6

The better the resolution, the more columns you get in the preview. So far so Good, but the the thing that I dislike is that once you subscribe to the Feeds, the new layout disappears, and you read the feeds the way you did it earlier. Hope they give a similar option in the newer versions of the beloved browser.

So if you are an opera fan like me, go download the newest version as soon as possible.

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