Opera 9.5 is a Bliss

Today is 17th June, the release day of Firefox 3 and so the whole world is talking about Firefox3 and this has overshadowed the release of Opera's next browser in line that is Opera 9.5 . In true sense Opera has all the features which is desired by most of the surfers online. It has remained the favorite browser of many even after excessive publicizing of the Firefox's and Internet Explorer's.

Opera 9.5 has all the features that were present in the earlier versions, and has added a few new features which are really intuitive.
The fastest browser in the world has claimed that it is now 2x faster than its previous version 9.2 in rendering html and javascripts. And nobody can doubt the amazing caching capabilities that opera consists of, resulting in blazing fast viewing of previously visited pages.

The first and the foremost thing that you would notice is that Opera 9.5 deploys a black metallic look with a set of redone icons which look nice on its sleek interface. Also there is a tool like icon on top left which gives one click access to features like bookmarks, widgets and history, saving time of going through the menus.

Also you can enable inside address bar which shows the current requests and download speeds while a page is being loaded. A similar feature in firefox requires external extensions. This can be enabled by Going to Tools –> Appearance –> Toolbars and then selecting the “Show Inside Address Bar” in the progress bar option.

The lower bottom right corner has a few icons which have different meanings. You can select 'fit to width' , 'Enable or disable images' and can select the 'zoom ratio for the browser' straightaway from there.

Also you can tile or cascade different tabs being viewed in the browser window. For this you willl have to enable the 'main menu' panel from the appearance options. The Speed Dial feature is still present which was the best part I had liked in the last release of Opera. Moreover Opera has something inbuilt like the 'Google Browser Sync' extension for the Firefox to keep the bookmarks and other information available wherever you may go.This Feature is called Opera Link
Opera is safer than before with built in phishing and Fraud protection.

These are some of the plenty reasons why Opera was the best browser before Firefox and even now after the Third generation of Firefox.

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  1. yep ,
    I do too think that either Opera should have been launched earlier or later
    bcoz firefox has dissolved it completely :-\

  2. opera has a larger legacy. It was launched way before Firefox, but was not free. it was ad supported and to remove ads you had to buy it :| the reason it was used and loved by a handful. Only after the launch of firefox it became totally free. :D and I still love this browser Opera >> FF and IE

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