Orkut Launches Themes for Indian Users

Orkut has launched themes. Orkut has rolled out 12 themes for Indian Users over the last week. This is the second thing they have done India specific after changing the domain name for Indian users. Looks like Orkut has been made India centric, due to the large popularity of Orkut in India.So the themes were launched For Indian Users.

[This is a news a few days old but I was not able to post due to my busy End semester schedule] These new themes have been tried and being tested on only a some percentage of Indian Users. But according to This Post at Official Orkut Blog The themes are to be rolled out to all the Indian users within this week.
So those who have been privileged enough to receive the update as of yet you can change the theme by clicking the change theme link at top right side of the Orkut page.

But for those who haven't had the link as of yet they can use the hack provided by Gaurav at OrkutPlus. The hack uses GreaseMonkey Scripts for FireFox.

Get GreaseMonkey Script for FireFox
Get the Scripts for each theme from Here [Courtesy OrkutPlus]

So enjoy the hacks till the feature is available at your profile.
Thanks to Orkut for providing this feature to Indians first. Great Going.

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  1. hello there .....i am still not able to change my theme ....and moctly many of my frndz are having the same problem .....wa should i do ???i followed this link http://www.orkut.co.in/EditSkin.aspx?ch=1
    but its saying page not found ...

  2. Check it out again... Orkut is extending the feature to everyone. Looks like you haven't received the feature yet. Check the link again and if it still doesnot work check out the links for the greasemonkey script for Firefox. That should make it work.

  3. hai my name is sravnthi orkut themes are very good but u have to increase it to the latest themes of ironman or something looking like extraordinary.What i going to tell is there is some fakes commmunites sending some fake javascripts to paricular person to get the latest themes by this they are hacking the passwords easily so realese the themes where the fake communites are offering .

  4. Yea I am aware of the fictitious javascripts about the orkut themes that are in abundance on orkut these days as is the spam related to them . In order to get the Customized themes you can visit this link at orkut plus Orkut Themes. These themes use GreaseMonkey script for Firefox and so would be available only on Firefox and not on Internet Explorer.And they may be visible only to you and not to others as they are not official themes.

  5. hiii m from germany can i use this feature...


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