Orkut India Gets its own Domain

Orkut India has got its own new domain name. So now Instead of the universal domain orkut.com Indian users would be seeing India specific Domain.

I am not sure how many of you would have noticed this but Indian users now log into orkut.co.in instead of the orkut.com domain.
So maybe Google has acknowledged the fact that India has the second largest number of users on Orkut. They have also placed a link at the bottom of the home page from where you can go to orkut.com without being redirected to the country specific domain.
Great going Google and happy Orkutting

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  1. Ha, I knew this is going to happen
    Orkut is filled by with Indians and Indians and Brazillians :P

  2. yea rightly said. I have come to know same thing has been implemented for the Brazilian users too.


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