Google Docs OFFLINE - Do More with it now

Now we had just discussed that Google Docs Offline has beeen estended to one and all and now the Google Team has upgraded some of its features much to the joy of many Google Docs users. They have added a couple of new features in PowerPoint and also have extended it to other forms of Documents.

First and the foremost Google has added the OFFLINE option to their spreadsheets and Presentations too along with the Word Documents which were only the supported versions earlier. So now just enjoy doing your work on any platform without the hassles of not being connected to Internet.

Also They have added a couple of features in PowerPoint like:
  • The addition of Speaker Notes in the PowerPoint Slide shows to be kept as ready reference while giving presentation
  • Also you can add Youtube Videos to your PowerPoint Slideshows .
  • You can save your presentations as .ppt
  • Also on anvil is a better Print menu and CSS editing of docs.
So thats another reason to cheer for the Google Technology, but we must always remember that Google Docs is lot less featured than the MS Office Suite but what they have given us the mobility to carry our docs anywhere where Internet can be accessed. So not much of a deal and we must enjoy these new lights in technology.

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