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The Google versus Microsoft controversies never die. Be it be the acquisition of Yahoo that is making headlines now or be it the Open Xml format getting ISO nod . We all know Open Xml is a Microsoft brainchild and was openly opposed by Google along with other majors. Now the Google Docs that were introduced to us as the online Alternatives to Microsoft's Word have gone Offline straightaway competing with MS Office. By the time you would be reading this most of us who use Google Docs would have seen it but lets see it and its functioning for those who haven't.

For those who have seen the Offline mode they would have noticed the following changes in the Interface - a small green arrow on the top mid of the screen as is visible in the picture. But before you went on to get that it will ask you for your permission to install Google Gears whis is used by all Google Offline Apps for their functionality. You can Get Google Gears from Here: Google Gears
So the site will ask you to grant permission to to use Google Gears . So all you have to do is Grant Access and then Google Docs will synchronize all the data to be used offline.
Whoa So much for a another great Google application.
So this is as simple as a breeze... and the offline mode has been added to the Google Reader, which means that you can read your RSS feeds Offline too.. wow~
For More on Offline Google Docs, you can see this Official Google video:

So get Google Gears and go Rolling...
Word of Caution :Do not use Google docs in Offline Mode on public computers like in cyber cafe so as to protect your own documents.

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  1. I have been using Google Docs for the very first time. This feature is a great addon to the actual software. Ill be using it!


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