RSS - Feed Readers

Now that we have known what an RSS is the topic shifts to which RSS reader to choose, we all know that there are a plenty but there are some which are more popular and are better and easy to use and operate.

What do they do is that they aggregate all the news and info provided in an RSS or Atom feed and deliver it all at one place.They check for updates at a regular interval of time and retreive the update.

You can check my previous post about What RSS means :

Readers are of two types Online portal based and Desktop aggregaters

  • Now first and the foremost the google reader. We all love google.. isn't it.. from searches to mails to chats to social networking, and so there is this Google Reader easy and best.
My personal Favs are newsgator , Bandit( which I use for desktop work ) and one and only Google Reader.
So happy Blogging and Happy Reading