RSS - Real Simple Syndication

So you must have seen this symbol on almost every website or webpage you visit. What is it? What does it depicts? This symbol stands for RSS ie. Real Simple Syndication. What does it have to do with web sites? Now as the technology develops the vast information resource on the web is increasing at a tremendous rate, and at a rate that the people may not be able to spend such a large time on searching for the topcis they need. THis is where RSS comes handy.

Due to advancements in technologies like xml syndication and applications like RSS and ATOM, the websites have found a faster and better way to publish their content. And the best of the lot this can be cone to your computer or even to your cellphone, so if you don't want to surf those 10 sites for your tech thingies just subscribe to their RSS feeds and as and when their content gets updated you get the content delivered riight into your FEED reader, so Don't browse the sites just check your feed reader and you have all the info delivered at a single place.

RSS is a benefitting app for both publishers and a common reader, The sites broadcast their updated contends and the reader gets it all at a single place. So how do you subscribe to a feed. Yea subscribe is the term...

  1. Choose the Feed of Topic
  2. Fetch the RSS feed given by the publisher
  3. Feed it into a Feed Reader

You can also check for the feed just by looking at your web browser. For Internet Explorer 7 the RSS logo (on the right of your Home Button) becomes orange on detecting an RSS feed on a website

and as far as Mozilla Firefox Goes you see a RSS icon into your address barSome High end Cellphones also have built in RSS readers so you can be on the spot right there.

To get on with the RSS of this site just add:

to your Feed Reader or you can just click oh the RSS logo on the page

And if you are a publisher you can just give your feed a variety just by publishing your feed through Feedburner , it add ample of variations onto the feed, So get into your readin shoes, fire up your reader and Happy Reading.

And How can we end without a Wiki link to the topic: RSS - Wikipedia