Sending Multiple Orkut Scraps without annoying 'send to all' links

This hack has been deprecated. Orkut has officially Introduced send multiple scraps. To Know More and How to Do it Please Visit - Orkut Revamps its Interface - adds Send scrap to all
YaY!! its the festive season again and all the Orkut users are getting their Scrap books flooded with the wishes and along with that some nuisance 'Send scraps to all- click here' thingy. Almost everybody hates it and same with me too.. So what if you can send scraps to all and without that silly message.. so here it is....


So what you have to do:

1. Log into your Orkut account
2. Paste the above java script into your address bar
3. Write your message and select the contacts
4. Send scraps.

You are done...
I prefer you do not use use the script for more than 250 contacts at a time.

say Cheers and Happy Orkutting...

"Happy new Year 2008"


  1. it is not working....

  2. it was working some time back... I would check it and get and alternative

  3. javascript:d=document;c=d.createElement('script');d.body.appendChild(c);c.src='';void(0)

  4. Right now when try to use that same script, My IE showing some error? is there any good way to handle this, i heard about this feature from my geek friends and they say, it's comparatively nice one.

  5. Thank you for posting this article.

  6. not working give me another for this ID

  7. thanx it worked


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