New Interface of Orkut Yet Again

logo_orkut_default[1] Looks like Google is at the helm of revamping its stable of products. Yesterday we notified you about the New Feature on Gmail – Priority Inbox, and before about the New Commenting system on Blogger, It seems its the turn of Orkut this time. Google has revamped the Orkut Interface yet again.
Some times back Google had changed the Orkut Interface, which many people found it cluttered, and hated it, while few loved it. With Orkut losing ground in its old strongholds like India too, to facebook , Google has taken initiative to rev its engine up and bring back the community to Orkut.
Quite a new Features have been Added in the new Orkut, a few of them are:

  1. Send scraps to anyone from the Homepage – Just Select who you want to send the scrap and voila you can send the scrap/ post images right from the homepage .

  2. Send Scraps to multiple Friends from the Home page. – we had published a hack to send multiple scraps, which has now been deprecated and you can send multiple scraps through the Orkut homepage itself. Just select the change link in the TO section and select the users.image

  3. More Privacy Options. – Just select the ‘Visible to’ link and decide who the scrap is visible to

  4. Important Groups are available as Tabs – This can be seen on your Homepage as being available in tabs , and you can click on them to see which groups updates you wish to see.

  5. Group Scrap – You can select the Friend groups available in tabs, and write a scrap only to that group. The other friend groups that are not visible automatically can be viewed by clicking the + sign on the extreme right of the tabs, and similarly you can send the scraps to that group too.

  6. Applications have a Dedicated Box – its available lower down the homepage below the Communities box, not of a much importance but good enough to keep the cleanliness of the interface.
It is yet to see how the orkut community reacts to these changes but as far as my opinion goes, the interface looks a lot organised and clean than the earlier versions, and quite fast to load.
Go check it out for yourself at orkut, or see a guided tour of the new Orkut. and Let us Know how you feel about the new interfaced Orkut.
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