Top sites for Browser usage statistics

imageThe browser wars are heating up, and so are the statistics related to them. With Microsoft going aggressive with its Internet Explorer, Chrome gaining market share as with Firefox losing it, the demand for relaible stats is increasing. Whether you need it for knowledge , research project or for your web development, which are the most popular and reliable sites that can be looked upon for the statistical data.


We list down 5 of the better sites for the statistics:


StatCounter Global Stats provide a very useful insight into the browsers that the world is using, based upon the tracking code being used by the sites it tracks.the number of sites tracked by it is more than 3 million websites.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share


They are a firm that displays statistics for the internet usage., and the data they display is based on around 160 million visitors per month.



Another leading statistics provider, with the statistics being based on more than 28 million users per month



Yet another traffic tracking website, giving out pretty reliable data. The statistics are based upon more than 300 million daily page views across the 300,000+ web sites that use Clicky Web Analytics

Clicky Global Stats


Well while they might nnot give universal statistics, but they surely provide you with statistics for your own website, which can give you fairly good idea about on what browser is your website being viewed.

Which of these do you use ? let us know in your comments.