Google ‘Search plus your World’ [Why]

Search plus your WorldGoogle has started rolling out one of the most drastic changes ever to its search engine. It has started to incorporate Google+ (Google Plus) results into the search engine. Now this means your search is going social (or that's what Google makes you think and believe)

Search plus your World

Now this feature would change the way your search results would appear. As mentioned in the Google Blog’s Official post about Search plus your World the changes would include following results too.

1. Personal Results

2. People and Pages

3. Profiles in Search

Now I did a search on Google regarding ‘Best WordPress Plugins’ and here is what I got.

Personal Results on Google

Now both the search results show same 10 Personal results and on expanding them this is what I got as front page of results.

Personal Results on GoogleActual Search Results

Now you can clearly see that the relevance of the Personal Results is very less as compared to what is expected from the keywords searched. And frankly speaking I wont be liking that my search results get dominated by what my friends have shared. What I would be looking for is more relevance and much wider audience, and that's what Google had made possible over the years. It was the relevance.

Yes I would agree that it may help when you are searching for places but for everything else like for example Images, why would I search on Google when you have already integrated Picasa With Google+ . Shouldn’t I just click the +You at top left corner to do these things if the need be.


All you need to do to stop personal results to appear in Google Search is Click on the Following Button on the Top Right of the search page.

Remove Google Plus Search

For me it seems this is a very Drastic change that Google has done to its Search Engine, which I would consider as not a Game Changing but a Creepier one. For me personally I would like my results to be sane and relevant., Google has been an expert in PUSH MARKETING as we have seen over the years, and it seems to me that it is an attempt to revive Google+ , which Google thought would gain popularity as Gmail and other services did (pull – push marketing) , but failed to gain momentum as the time passed..

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