Remove Ads from GoDaddy Pages

log_gd_3 Godaddy is one of the most popular domain registrars around us. So Most people would buy their domains from it. But when it comes to Hosting Godaddy can be Expensive for that matter. But there comes something better.One of the good thing that comes when someone buys their  domains with the GoDaddy is the Free  Hosting which is which is linux based free hosting.

So you bought a domain and enabled the Free Hosting. Files were uploaded on the free host…. but voila here comes the catch.

The html pages you had uploaded are coming with Ads from GoDaddy. Now thats bad… free host with Ads. Not a Problem here we have a workaround.

Godaddy Ads

Now these Ads can be very annoying. You have uploaded a small Static HTML file onto your web server and it shows ads.

The trick to remove this from static WebPages is very simple..

All you need to add is this code in Your page just before the </head> tag


And voila you would be Done. Its a simple trick to get the ads not to display on your Pages.

Please Note : This Hack is  very much useful where small Files are to be attached to other pages, Till then Happy writing, Happy Hosting

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  1. Great workaround. Those automated ads on free web hosts are very annoying. That is part of why it is almost always worthwhile to pay for web hosting instead. Let's hope this workaround stays working for a long time, although it seems so simple that they could easily change the element name.

  2. By the way, welcome back to the blog after you were gone for several months. Hopefully you can keep this blog active now.

  3. lets hope you be active this time :)

  4. @Khyati - Yea surely I would be Active this time :)

    @ Halloween - Hope you like it :)

  5. @Gaurav: Yea good to see you back. Thanks for the tips too - im glad im not the only one who was annoyed by the ads.

  6. Its always better to have your own hosting - it really doesn't cost very much anyway.

  7. Awesome bravo, thanx thanx thanx thanx Great8 you saved my lots of bugs :D

  8. This is brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing!! :o)


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