Change Google Background image

It might sound very naive but actually Google has added a Change background Image feature on its homepage. Internet users would have seen a Change background link on the bottom left of their Google Homepage.
Why Google did this is still a question, but looks like Google is competing with what bing had to offer. And if that's the case then it comes as a surprise because Bing still stands no where near the might of Google. The screenshot of the same is below :
Change backgroundOn clicking the Change Background Link you are asked to login into Google and then select the wallpaper. Pretty simple though. The screenshots of the same are attached below
You can always revert Back from the Same ;)
So Why Google Did this is still now known… but for a change u can njy the different Google Ala Bing ;) happy Surfing


  1. Even though Google may have a far superior market share, it does not mean that their competitors do not have any good features to copy. I personally like the rotating bing wallpapers and I'm sure many others do too. So it makes sense for Google to try to copy that. They are also giving users more customization capabilities which is usually a good thing.

  2. I find when I go to bing I wait for the page to load just to see the background wallpaper. Sometimes I even take the time to move my mouse over the popups to learn a bit more. So I think bing's version is still better than the ability to manually change the wallpaper.


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