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Love Commenting ?? Now just leave comments on any site using the latest from the Google stable, with a feature known as Google SideWiki. Sidewiki as the name says, is a combination of two words 'Side' + 'Wiki', meaning its a little wiki in the sidebar.

Sidewiki comes as a feature with Google toolbar, which is available for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Chrome users would have to wait, but hopefully not for a long time, as they say :
Sidewiki is currently a feature in Google Toolbar (in Internet Explorer and Firefox),
but we are working on bringing it to Google Chrome, too.

Sidewiki can be downloaded from here : Download Sidewiki

Sidewiki requires you to login through your Google Account, which looks as a part of a longterm Google Strategy, making Google integral in everyones life.For those having Blogger accounts, of for this also has an added advantage, wherein it allows the owners to Comment as Page owner, and that Comment stays on top of all the other comments.

Sidewiki would also have an API for it, so that users can utilize it in a way they wish to. But thats only for developers to be concerned with, and nothing much for normal visitors to even think of. So feel something for a page, just sidewiki it out.
Speak out is the word from Google , go and enjoy it.

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  1. It's seeming very useful feature by Google. The good thing is that it support both internet explorer and Firefox.

  2. That has been the remarkable effort after all

  3. This sounds like a very cool feature. It makes sense to have this kind of chat functionality for every page on the web. In the past visitors were on their own when they visit a website. Now they can refer to the past experiences of other users.

  4. It's seem a great addon. Ill have to try it out! Do we need an invitation code to join or not? ( like google wave)

  5. the Google SideWiki isa great add on. dont hesitate to use it.

  6. You can't uninstall it unless you uninstall the google toolbar, but you can simply deactivate it by clicking the wrench in your google toolbar, then options, then tools, and just untick the "sidewiki" tool, and voilĂ !


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