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Ads on Blogger DashBoard

Blogger - Google's very own blog hosting has started to show adsense ads on its dashboard of the late. These have been reported by some bloggers, after they publish the post. Not all bloggers are seeing ads after they publish the posts, which means google is rolling it out slowly, or testing the reaction of the Blogging community before rolling out completely.

The ads show on the right side of the the 'Post published Successfully ' page after a post has been published.

What it means to the Blogger ?

Nothing much except the fact it looks a bit out of the place, as bloggers would like to have their dashboards clean. Moreover it comes up on the last step of posting so not much of an issue.

What it means to Google ?

This means free moolah to Google as it does not have to pay bucks to the publisher for clicks on dashboard, and on the other hand takes in cash from the advertiser.

Conclusion : Looks like just another monetizing attempt by Google, which probably none of the bloggers would like it.

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What Next ?

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Google bought Blogger, for the traffic.

Did you really think they would never have Adsense on Blogger? Google spent some big $$, why not try & recoup some of that money (I would)?

They could have been like wordpress, & charge you to put your own Ads on your blog, now that would be crappy!

I use Windows Live Writer, for blog post, so no big deal to me. :)

As long as they don't put Ads that my vistors can see, It's all good.

Written by : Anonymous on : Jun 28, 2009, 1:12:00 AM  

I find the ads annoying, clutter my space and bring nothing to me.

Yea, its nothing for those who use Windows Live Writer, but majority still use the dashboard to blog, and these things annoy those.

@ Green
yea they are bad... but as you should twry using Windows Live writer.. its pretty damn good :)

Thanks for the update. This is really a important news for the blogger.

It doesn't mean for me because i am not using dashboard to blog. But thanks for it.

i have a blogger acount but how can peopel view my page? so i can get people to click on ads and make sum change? for now i can only search for it on blogger how can i put it on google? yahoo?

It sounds bad that Google will not pay to the publisher. What does it means.

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it is really very nice Thanks for the update.

google has made quite a few changes lately, allover their websites.. it is exciting times for google.

hehe, kinda Google is on a high ;)

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Where are you we are looking forward to you for another interesting and informative post. I hope you will soon update your blog.

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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I don't use blogger, as I am a strict wordpress user, but the move by Google to put ads on the Dashboard is kinda of surprising to me. I wonder how much it would benefit Google if they allowed wordpress to display Ads on user's Dashboard. Not the self-hosted wordpress blogs, but the ones that are hosted by wordpress.

Till then,


Hi Gaurav, I am not doing any act of spamming. If i had make any thing wrong than pls forgive me.

follow me my friends... i need to be guided.. :)) thanx for the info anyway

Its a very long time you had not update this blog. I can hope you will come back soon and make it.

This is a typical move from Google. Obviously their advertising revenue was dropping slightly with the recession hitting a wide variety of businesses. So they are making little moves like this hoping to keep stock prices high and investors happy.

Google is alway trying to make more money like everyone does... it is just NORMAL!

this will mean more paisa for google :)

Blogger is really awesome

google really successful.

How do you think these ads are cool? they are annoying and they are not bringing any revenue my way.

I agree, these ads totally suck.

Till then,


@animetr: Yes, I agree completely. They're untouchable almost.

Till then,


@ATV: I have to agree. Google, like any other company, will do what it takes to make money.

Till then,


@oes: Paisa? Are you from India? :) That's cool.

Till then,


I hate seeing ads on the blogger dashboard and anywhere inside the blog.

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