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Recent Comments widget for Blogger v2

Wordpress styled Recent Comments for Blogger You must have remembered the WordPress styled recent comment widget for Blogger that we had published earlier. It was a customizable widget, with a few manual tweaking options. Now here we have another Recent Comment Plug-in, which is actually no fuss, plain widget, similar to the default Recent Comment Widget, that comes with WordPress. All it does is shows who commented on which Post. And I think it is more suitable for those who like to keep their layouts cleaner.

Even after doing a lot of research work, I could not find a widget for Blogger which could do the work as simple as done by WordPress. So I created a small widget for the purpose.

Just fill in the the Blog URL in the Field, push the customize button, and select add widget to my Blog. On next page add the widget to your Blog. Simple and Done.

Precaution: Do NOT add a slash ‘/’ after the URL. It should be blogname.blogspot.com and not blogname.blogspot.com/ . Also http:// part has NOT to be added before the URL.

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Great stuff. Things like this really help blogs seem more alive. I highly recommend putting recent comments above the fold so people who visit often will find something new on your site even when you haven't gotten around to writing something yourself.

Hi gaurav Good work .... can you provide popular post widget i.e most comments post widget.. bcz previous versions not seem to work

Good hack blogger comment..

Bro I am not getting much time to blog as of now, but would do it as soon as I get time :)

@ BambangOke
Thanks a lot

@ Ed
Yea, such things indeed make your blog more lively... and make visitor experience better

I have added... i must say "it is clean"

Keep up the great work...


I have several blogs. On one of my blogs where I have changed the code to enable the "Read More" feature on blogger, it does not display the most recent comments on the blog. It displays comments from several months ago.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi Gaurav,
Sometime ago I sent you email through the contact form regarding integrating Commentluv with your Recent Comment widget, you said you would try to solve the issue as soon as you're back from vacation.
Today I took of the Recent Comment widget cos it didn't work (probably one of the scripts on my blog stops working) and I installed this Recent Comment V2, but still didn't work.
I've installed CommentLuv now, but I'm still hoping I can use your widget too.
I hope you're willing to tweak it :-D
Anyway, this is the best RC widget so far.

i don't use blogger much now but i think recent comments will be great widget in my old blogs that hosted on blogspot .

That is quite simple to use. I didn't know that they had options for the simple things like the comment box. I have alot of blogs that I would like to vary the number of recents for. On one blog in particular, I would prefer many more.

I will use it with my blogs. Its better than older version. It will be very useful. thanks for sharing such nice info.

Knowledge is good only if it is shared and you doing this thing live. The topic of this blog is very impressive.

How can I add music player widget in my Blogger? I have html code where to paste it

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Recent comment width is very important for blog. But still i need TC width do have that?

wow , nice article
verry useful

Hi, I tried this on my interior design blog but it sems that it works with new V2.0 blogs only. Mine is an old version blog. can you recommend something similar for the old version?

Watercolor paintings

Just stop spamming, no need to copy paste comments from any other blog over here. Your Comments would be deleted henceforth...

This is a widget that most blogs should have. It is crucial that you provide related content to keep visitors on your site longer. To truly hook readers you usually have to provide more than 1 good page of content. Then you can retain those visitors as regular readers or rss subscribers.

Gaurav....Really a great work. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

This is certainly alot easier than trying to code this on your own, hehe.

Till then,


I like the new widget. it is more suitable for those who like to keep their layouts cleaner.

Thanks alot! I just bookmarked this blog.

It would be better if there are space between each comment for this one, it will look nicer, could you do that? Thanks.

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