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Gmail gets Themes

The amazingly simple gmail, one of the most loved mail service now just got tweaked. It just got splashed with some colors and themes.

Today when I logged onto Gmail, the first thing I noticed was the changed gmail login screen, and a new feature depicting, that Gmail now has Themes.

Onto logging into Gmail, there is a notification showing how to Directly go to themes tab.

For all those who want to do it manually have to go to settings and then to Themes tab
Gmail > Settings > Themes

there are numerous no. of themes to select from, so just go and tweak your Gmail :D

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That something amazing from gmail.
The best mail service, is far more beautiful now.

Yeah, frankly . This was something that was needed since long, and they did it ;)

Because thing taht is it come more useful than hotmail

Yeah, I love the themes that gmail has. Gmail was already my favorite email service but now I don't think anything could possible compete with it.

I just switched over to using gmail for most of my stuff. The themes may seem like a small issue, but if you are online a lot, it helps to have a little personalization. It is also easily viewed on your igoogle along with all that other stuff. But I still haven't figured out how to sort the email. Some forums don't like gamil and some forums suggest it. So, you still need more than one account.

I always want some change in my gmail. for that i also use different themes. it makes my gamil alive.

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i need help. i want to add themes to my gmail account but for some reason after i click the button to get the themes when i go back it doesn't appear. any help?

Log out and login again... that should help

I was really happy to see that Gmail gives these options, it's simple sure.. but customization is the key to getting the best enjoyment out of a service =D

Till then,


Themes is a great idea for an e-mail client. When you visit a website so frequently you should be able to customize how the page looks. Not everyone will be happy with the default theme. This is yet another reason why I should finally give up my hotmail account for a new gmail e-mail.

It's mean now we can make more our page more interactive. I look forward to sign in.

I am surprised that more big websites do not take advantage of themes. If someone is going to regularly visit your website, there is a good chance that they would want to customize their experience.

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