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image This is a commonly faced problem with Blogger Blogs. Sometimes the widgets they are using just do not show up, and the most primary reason for that to be is the downtime of the host of the JavaScript Files. Now myself and most of the guys out there who share Blogger Widgets, like recent comments, top commenter etc, Host the shared JavaScript files for the widgets either on some free host, or on Google pages or any other hosting account they have. As of myself, I host then on Ripway, a free but quality file host.

As more and more users start using a particular widget more bandwidth is consumed, and this results in bandwidth being exceeded, and downloads being turned off for some time by the webhost. So it is better to host these files on your own servers.

There are a few good options for these:

1. > Google Pages

This is frankly the best and easiest option, and has enough space to host and manage personal JavaScript files, and images. It has a Bandwidth cap to it, but this is not disclosed by Google, but a single blog won’t run out of bandwidth even on Google pages. So if you have a running Google pages account, you can use the services for free. Google does not accept new pages registrations.

2. >

This is what I personally feel like best, and you can manage the bandwidth as it gives you a daily usage details of bandwidth being used. As of now the total space provided for free users is 30 MB, and Bandwidth limit is 150 MB. The best part, you can upgrade to a premium plan if you need to do so.

3. > Other Free Hosts

This is the other option left, Signup for any free webhost and use the space to host your files, and use the direct links for the widgets. You can also use your own host for storing files. While signing up for any freehost, check whether the host provides Hot linking or direct linking.

So you can link to files on your own servers to reduce/nullify the downtime effect, and would serve you better. I’ll Show how to do this with Blogger Blogs in my next Post. Stay Tuned…


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