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googlesmschannel Google SMS channels is a feature of Google labs India, which allows you to create mobile based communities through which you can send updates and text news to your Followers. This is an Experimental feature currently being tested in India, so all Indian readers can get the Updates to the Website on their mobiles.


So you can create your own mobile community, and share the updates via SMS messages.

As far as CorpseofAttic goes, you can also get the Updates on your cell phones by joining our SMS community. You’ll get all the updates here right on your Mobile Phone.

For more reading on how to create a SMS channel, you can visit the following WebPages.

Join CorpseofAttic SMS Channel to Follow us on Mobile.


  1. i like this service from google..updated my blog...too...but the message delay is quite annoying..!!!

    i hope google will do sumthing abt it..!!

  2. Yea, The delay is around 3-4 hours, which actually is bad.


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