Myspace Music launched

myspace music logoMySpace has launched its dedicated music service named MySpace Music, Which comes as a close competition to the service dished out by Apple iTunes. For the Normal Man, who can anyways listen to the Music listed on an artist’s profile page, this comes out as a pleasant surprise, who now has a dedicated portal for the Music lovers. This has come with the consent of the Music Industry and with big labels like EMI , Sony , Warner and Universal backing it. So This would be something all music lovers would cherish and so would the Music industry.

The best part is You get to see more songs than those are visible on a regular profile and best of all you can add them to your own profile too. There are ads present on the pages but, those won’t be much of a hindrance to a normal user. Moreover some songs are downloadable and you can even buy Ringtones and the Albums from too, if you need.

Frankly a Good service but the Full Featured MySpace Music is available to only US users right now and the users of other regions would get it soon. Some copyright issues have to be sorted out for this I guess. Rest till then enjoy the Music as and by it comes, and If you love something, buy it.


So go in for some really fast streaming music, right from your favorite artists to any unknown group, for which you might develop a sweet tooth.

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