4 Adsense ads on single page

Now I am taking up a topic which I don’t think many would have known, but what I saw was exactly four Adsense ads on a single page. According to Google’s ToS this is not possible, and even if you try and do implement the same, the Ads wouldn't just show up, leaving behind blank spaces. So this Amazed me, because the Blog is one of the best personal technology Blogs in the world. The Blog is Digital Inspiration aka Labnol.org, maintained by Amit Agarwal .

The Google Adsense Program Policies state that:

    • Up to three ad units may be displayed on each page.
    • A maximum of two Google AdSense for search boxes may be placed on a page.
    • Up to three link units may also be placed on each page.

Which means that It is illegal to have more than three Adsense units on the page. But It is on Labnol so should be perfectly legal. Check it out for yourself.


This is probably Adsense Premium ( I am 99% sure about this), but even I checked on Labnol about Adsense Premium, but the Post also did not mention about the number of ads on a single page. Maybe Amit didn’t wanted to tell about this feature :P . Anyways it is all with Google, to manage this. The Big gets bigger, and newbies have to reach to that level.


  1. Yes I see it in his blog and you are write in saying "The Big gets bigger, and newbies have to reach to that level" :)

  2. Yea Frankly, Blogs like Labnol are an inspiration to any budding blogger. And as Far as multiple ads on his blog goes, they are due to Adsense Premium Publisher only. Wicked Google :P

  3. This new information

  4. Not Actually new info, This is an Old One but new bloggers come to know of it a bit late..

  5. who doesn't love adsense clicks? sometimes the adsense is worse about spam than any other spam on the internet


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