Pagination in Blogger Comments

There had been some rumors that Blogger is going to Implement Pagination for its Commenting system. I am not sure whether they implemented Pages or comments but one thing is for sure that the maximum number of comments that can be visible in a single Blogger post page is Limited.

I was checking out Abhinav Bindra's Blog, after he won the Olympic Gold Medal in Shooting. The Maximum number of comments that could be seen on Abhinav's Blog was 200, and to show the previous and next comments there were Forward and Backward links.
None such setting was fount either in normal Blogger or Blogger in Draft, which means Blogger implements this automatically in order to manage comments. Here is a Snapshot of what was seen on Abhinav's Blog.

To me it looks like that this is ione feature that most Blogger blogs do not experience( more than 200 comments) but had existed for long. It would be pretty good it Blogger gave an option to set the number of comments on a single page Manually by the Blog Author.


  1. Ya buddy you are right. I have seen it before here

    As to see hundred's of comment on blogger is very nobody know's it.

  2. hello
    i faced a problem today that is with comments.Comments are not allowed which more than 200.And nothing is seen like new,newer,old,older.How can i solve this?


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