Labnol Upgrades to Sassy Theme

Do you read Labnol? Possibly you should because Labnol aka Digital Inspiration is one of the best personal technology blogs present out there. It is managed and written solely by Amit Agarwal, one of the most renowned Tech Bloggers in India. The quality of the blog can be seen by the sheer number of followers that labnol has. I am not going to say more on the blog as it is up to you to check it out ( in case you haven't done yet)

Labnol has upgraded to a naive and clean grayish theme from the earlier Dark red theme, which was being used since a long time. Not only the newer theme looks elegant, it also loads faster and is also much more pleasant on eyes. New theme is visible on the whole blog but still has not been implemented on the forums, which I think he would do soon.

Here are the two themes for a quick reference, the older one -the red one , and the newer theme - the gray one.

labnol old themelabnol new theme

Frankly the newer theme accommodates a load more content and also looks pleasant. What do you say?

LINKS: Digital Inspiration | Amit Agarwal


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