Buzz to shake Digg

Do you Digg ? Probably you do? and if you don't then you can try out the button at the top right Corner of this post. Digg is a service through which you can share with other users on Digg, The pages and articles that you liked on the World Wide Web. And if other people also liked it, then others would Digg it too, making the page more Popular.

Yahoo too had a similar service known as Yahoo! Buzz, which was in closed beta for quite a long time. Now Yahoo has open it to everyone, which means that your blog/website articles would also feature on the Yahoo! Buzz.
What does that mean, You get more and more traffic as your post is buzzed more and more. The more the people buzz your article , the higher it ranks on Buzz and more people check it out. So more buzz equals more traffic.

To add a Buzz this button to your website check out these buttons.

LINKS: Yahoo! Buzz | Widget | Buttons | Buzz log


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