Blogger Widget Error Workaround [temporary]

If you are trying to use the Top Commenter Widget or Recent Comments widget for Blogger, then you may not be able to add the widget to your Blogs. You might be getting a 'Sectionid missing' error. So here is a temporary workaround for this to work.

The Error you might be getting would be such in nature.
So all you have to do is Fill out the widget creation form and Click on customize and select 'add to Blog'.
On the next screen Click on the 'edit content' link to expand the content window.

Copy all the code inside the content box, and Paste it using the HTML gadget.

How to Do this?
Goto Dashboard > Layout > Page Elements
Click on add new Gadget and select HTML/JavaScript and Paste the Copied code there.

You are done. So as long as the error continues please follow this workaround to add Widgets to your Blog.
Have a Nice Day :)

Thanks to Lynilu for notifying this.
UPDATE : Blogger has resolved this issue, and the widgets are working just as fine now :D