Microsoft Windows and Me ?

Okay, this has nothing specific to do about Windows and myself. It is all about a site by Microsoft known as Windows and Me. The site is dedicated to windows and its users. Its something they would like to know about their Operating system inside and out. For the basic level it is a common platform for users to share their experiences with the Windows community.

It is a place where you can ask questions about windows from other users and also a panel of experts or gurus as they are called there.

Windows and Me, is a Microsoft initiative to help Windows users make the most of the Windows in their PC every day. The site has been designed keeping in mind the PC usage and behavior pattern of Indian consumers. It’s your space to explore, discover, share the magical World of Windows and learn how to do more with your PC!

It is currently in Beta stage, and when it goes public it would be integrated with Windows Live ID, and connection would be made secure using https .
The Initiative is take up by Microsoft India and the features are primarily India based. But other users can also signup with it as the Windows is same for them too.
The Elite panel of gurus is something which you can use to the fullest, by asking questions with them, and also features Amit Aggarwal of Digital Inspiration, one of the most popular Indian Blogger as a Guru.

There can be a slew of Windows Bashers and Haters but nevertheless they are outnumbered by the huge number of followers that Windows has. So if you feel like sharing or inquisitive about a question you can surely give Windows and Me a try.

Links : Windows and Me


  1. nice news ;)
    off - topic
    is linkworth generating some money ??

  2. Frankly speaking Siddharth, I haven't used linkworth as a money generator yet. Just an affiliate link as of now.

  3. its k;)
    I wanted to hear some reviews before using it :P

  4. Yea, thats great. They have many Linkpost ads which I do not want to indulge in :)

  5. microsoft is losing market share like crazy, soon, the playing fields will be level

  6. You are really a outspoken and i like your this quality.

  7. @ Jennifer
    Surely they are losing market share, but leveling out still has time... they are way ahead as of now too...

    @ Karaoke
    Pls tell the relevance of your comment with the post, and you crib on your posts being Deleted. Pls stop spamming

  8. @ Gaurav
    Thanks for giving the attention on my comment. I am not spamming if you think so i will try to improve my comment and i will keep the relevancy in my mind.


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